Wendy Huntington


In many of my photographs I attempt to find a concurrence of objects, images or situations that imply, but don’t state directly, a narrative. I look for ambiguities that I hope keep the photographs from being too descriptive or anecdotal. 


I find myself drawn to mysterious, quirky or simply aesthetically pleasing juxtapositions and the unexpected way things happen in a given space. No matter the subject, I try to use the formal elements of the image to create a photograph that is both enigmatic and cohesive.


Over the last decade I have worked on a variety of series including documentary photographs of hand-painted wall signs (which I believe are of great cultural value, especially in this time of increasingly homogenous displays). I am often intrigued by the way that the painted object interacts with actual objects that share the space, such as a painted shoe alongside an actual electric meter on a wall.


I have also worked on images of abstracted nature, which I hope will take the viewer a moment or two to decipher or even wonder whether the image is a photograph or a painting.


I began my professional photography career in Los Angeles, CA, doing portraits, model and actor portfolios and documentation of early performance art.  After moving to Buffalo NY, I worked in an art museum from which I retired in 2007 with the goal of being less productive. So far been I have been only mildly successful in that pursuit.


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Wendy Huntington

100% of the money from the sale of these artworks will go to feed children and families through the help of Feed the Hungry, San Miguel

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