Susanna Turino

Susanna Turino


Since my love affair with painting began, I have worked in a number of genres, small still-lives, abstracts and works on paper, as well as large, magnified botanical forms; flowers of coarse, roots and vegetables. Sometimes anthropomorphic, sometimes shrouded in mystery, plants make dramatic and fascinating subjects with their infinitely diverse forms and personalities. Having gardened all my life, and designed gardens in New York and San Miguel, it was a natural choice to get up close and personal with plants in my art.  


The landscape is another subject that I am drawn to. Plein air painting on my travels in Tuscany, Provence, California, and Mexico has given me the chance to explore the beauty of the land, but also to better understand the relationship between man and the environment, how a place is tended, shaped, or neglected by humans. Geology, climate, history, architecture, agriculture, and all the activities of man combine to leave their imprint on the land and make each place unique. The light, fashioned by weather, latitude, time of day and season, further define a place in a frozen moment in time, a frozen moment in life. Trying to capture that light, that moment in time is ever the challenge.


To be an artist is to stop and notice, to be an observer and a student of life. Whether painting a subject representationally or abstractly, as I am increasingly drawn to do, the aim is to go beyond the surface of things to find something personal, to experiment with design, color, materials, and bring a new vision to life. Art is a way of sharing something of myself with others. If the viewer is moved to stop and ponder a moment, non-verbal communication has transpired, a brief dialogue between souls.

100% of the money from the sale of these artworks will go to feed children and families through the help of Feed the Hungry, San Miguel