Bill Whittle

"Pescados" has recently been bought by a collector from Maine.


I am a Canadian artist who lives here in Obraje five months of the year to escape the cold Canadian winter. I have a fine arts degree from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario and spent over thirty years working in the public education system there as a primary teacher, curriculum consultant, and administrator. I have had a lifelong passion for admiring, collecting and creating art.

During my time teaching young children, I was always impressed with their ability to be spontaneous and uninhibited when it came to using art media. Colours were used without a lot of thought. No mixing of paint for that perfect skin tone. Skies were not always blue. These insights into their world have influenced my work to this day. I paint quickly. I don’t often mix colours before they are used and I often paint what I feel rather than what I know to be true.

The light and everyday colours of Mexico certainly have a profound effect on my art here in Obraje. Having the time to work and often the courage to experiment with new ideas has increased my excitement and enthusiasm for creating more art. The works here in the gallery are examples of the direction my journey is taking me and the variety of experiences I’m having!